Benefits for the
CPG/Chemicals sector

CPG producers are facing the necessity to further lower the costs for production, where on the same side regulations and the need for quality assurance are raising. This becomes even more challenging in markets with quickly changing customer demands. Xavo Professional Suite supports in streamlining and optimizing production and quality control processes.



Our CPG customers need to differentiate their offering with innovative products and package formats meeting exactly the demand of their consumers. This actually leads to a huge variety of different SKU’s which need to be efficiently produced, controlled, packed and shipped. Xavo Professional Suite comes with many planning and execution features helping to keep track of complex production plans and flexibly react to unforeseen events or changes of the plan.


To CPG companies, a loss of efficiency always means an increase of production costs per SKU. Due to partially low margins per SKU, this often is one of the main areas of improvement. Xavo Professional Suite helps eliminating inefficiencies in your operations. For example, an optimized production plan can reduce changeover times due to an improved production sequence by still maintaining the delivery capabilities, or the raw material inventory can be optimized based on material consumption data delivered in real-time.


 Supporting different kind of user groups – like operators or shift supervisors – is key in realizing optimizations. Optimization can only be achieved when all team members exactly know what to do how and when, and the necessary information is provided in real time. Xavo Professional Suite provides configurable workflows, allowing all users to get heir job done in the best possible way. Even HACCAP-like control systems can be implemented using dedicated workflows, thus massively improving process and product quality. 


To all CPG companies applies: the broader the product portfolio and the more complex production operations become, the more important it is to exactly know what’s happening and why it happened. Xavo Professional Suite gives you access to all relevant information at all stages of your process – from production planning through batch execution, filling and packaging up to production declaration. Those are the tools you need to take decisions on what and how to optimize – from both product and production perspective.



In brewing, one of the main challenges is the planning of production. On the ‘primary’ side we find recipe-driven processes with a long duration of days, weeks or even months, on the ‘secondary’ side we have fast running filling, packaging and logistics processes with ever changing demands and a high variety.

Not to forget, the product quality plays a crucial role in successfully selling beer or beer mixes to resellers and the end customer. And moreover, energy and raw material prices necessary to achieve that high quality products are increasing.

Xavo Professional Suite helps brewers with dedicated functionality:

  • Scheduling of brewhouse orders based on a demand planning and material availability

  • Real-time scheduling and optimization of tank occupation for fermentation and maturation based on a validated brewhouse schedule

  • Optimization of work-in-progress and stocks (e.g. for malt), including an accurate and always up-to-date view on material or lot availability

  • Improved collaboration between the brewhouse and the fermentation/maturation teams due to aligned schedules and integrated workflows

  • Improved filtration management through quick and standardized reactions to filtration issues (like shorter stand times) and an automatic re-scheduling option

  • Integration of production with ERP and the supply chain in real-time

  • Enables backwards and forwards tracking and tracing of materials


In dairies it’s all about freshness. Many raw materials (like e.g. the milk) need to be processed within hours or few days to not go bad.

Another thing is the huge variety of different products or product variants which need to be managed within the various production cells. This applies not only to the packaging area, but as well to all primary processes. Further more, all these products or SKU’s require a full traceability down to the raw material lots from which they were processed. As intermediate products (like e.g. fruit mixes) might come from different suppliers, this can cover the complete supply chain.

Xavo Professional Suite helps dairies with dedicated functionality:

  • Creating high transparency of all materials on stock and work in progress, e.g. for raw milk reception or standardized milk storage

  • Check and supervision of quality-relevant material lot parameters, like best-before date or fat content

  • Creation of an interactive production plan/schedule based on material and equipment availability and certain material parameters (like e.g. best-before date)

  • Optimization of the production sequence to avoid unnecessary cleaning sequences

  • Automatic scheduling of CIP orders based on material, equipment and time constraints

  • Providing a full product genealogy




Food is a very heterogeneous segment of the CPG industries. Many different processes in different production areas need to be coordinated and managed.

One of the main topics in food production is an efficient material management. Many different raw materials need to be made available and provided to a production order as a (partial) Bill of Material (BoM). This needs to be done in the correct sequence and with an exact timing. Furthermore, the BoM might change and it’s important to only use the latest BoM version for scheduling and production execution.

During execution of the batch, the operators need to be supported in the best possible way. E.g. if they need to perform a weighing operation, they need to know exactly which material lot in what quantity needs to go in which production order.

Xavo Professional Suite helps food producers with dedicated functionality:

  • Handling of Bill of Materials (BoM) and enablement of a process to transform BoM information into a master recipe, including possible alternatives for raw materials

  • Check and validation of material availability and management of material intake (automatic, semi-automatic or manual, e.g. for Big Bag reception)

  • Support of weighing and dosing processes through Electronic Work Instructions (EWI) for manual or semi-automated weighing operations

  • Automatic scheduling of production orders based on different constraints (like e.g. different mixer capacities, personnel availability)

  • Synchronization of all automated and manual process steps

  • Sophisticated personnel and shift planning

Water, Soft Drinks & Juices

Water, Soft Drinks and Juices is one of the most innovative segments within the CPG Industries. The number of SKU’s is growing nearly on a daily basis, and new and innovative drinks come up in short cycles. Of course this trend is based on fast changing consumer preferences and demands, and on an always changing market environment.

Companies in this environment need to react quickly and efficiently to those changes in order to remain successful. This necessarily means to implement an efficient innovation process, a flexible production environment and adaptable workflows to support all users in keeping pace with the change.

Xavo Professional Suite helps soft drink companies with dedicated functionality:

  • Management of Bill of Materials (BoM) and partial BoM’s in an integrated environment

  • Enabling of collaborative processes between lab and production to bring new products faster to the market

  • Tank Farm overview with accurate information about material availability and work-in-progress

  • Guided real-time decision support for operators in the mixing/processing area through integrated workflows and Electronic Work Instructions (EWI)

  • Scheduling of production and CIP orders based on demand and material availability

  • Creation of a full product genealogy




Fine Chemicals

Fine Chemicals producers often have complex production structures with a high variance of finished products. In the last decades a basic change happened in that industry segment: the speed of product innovation massively increased, but is still facing a limited set of partially inflexible production lines. As a result, the planning and scheduling of process orders for the production lines has an exceptional importance.

But in reality there are deviations between the plan and the execution, because obviously production plans change, and that’s why monitoring of the execution at different process stages, like e.g. tanks or reactors has an extraordinary significance.

Xavo Professional Suite helps fine chemical companies with dedicated functionality:

  • Overview of current production with an integrated execution system

  • Provides insights to the occupancy of used and planned-to-use production units (processing tanks or reactors)

  • Material calls and material supply with colored indicators for material availability

  • Integrated real-time planning support based on production events

  • Fast and easy rescheduling of planned production orders to minimize the overall production impact

  • Automatic scheduling of maintenance and cleaning orders based on material, equipment and time constraints

  • Provides optimized personnel planning based on production demands

Household & PERSONAL Care

Household & Personal Care is a huge market. Specially in emerging countries this market is growing by volume. Also the complexity is raising with a fastly growing number of different products and SKU's.

Another trend is that many customers take care about the environment. This means to producers to take care as well, and to offer environmentally friendly products. For many markets worldwide, also tracking and tracing and a bunch of different regulatory rules must be fulfilled to be allowed to sell a product into that market.

Xavo Professional Suite helps producers with dedicated functionality:

  • Creation of an interactive production schedule helps to increase the asset utilization, meaning to produce more with the same assets

  • Provides an accurate stock overview to help keeping track of production progress and raw material availability

  • Helps managing rework and production waste

  • Integrated workflows and Electronic Work Instructions (EWI) support the operators in further optimizing production yield and avoid waste

  • Links production processes with filling and packaging to enable collaboration

  • Tracking and tracing of SKU’s or pallets is enabled


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