REALTIME Planning and execution
in a single software system

Xavo Professional Suite is an enterprise software platform for integrated Planning & Execution,
designed for use in manufacturing and industrialized laboratories.



Harmonize demand with capacity, create detailed schedules with ease and make use of powerful planning tools.


Execute your processes with our powerful and flexible workflow engine.


Whenever something goes wrong - you can adapt your plan and everyone gets notified about the changes.


Configuration with ease

Since our product is data-driven, it can be customized for a broad variety of solutions without coding.


premium usability

Xavo Professional Suite is enterprise software  - as easy to use as a smartphone app.


maintenance friendly

Latest technologies allow to continuously update the software and reduce maintenance to a minimum.

Fully re-engineered user experience

We've re-engineered Xavo Professional Suite from ground up. One of the benefits is a completely new user experience. Not only to be cool and modern, but also to enable factory or enterprise wide rollouts with minimal efforts for user trainings.

Industry & LAB Solutions

Xavo Professional Suite is one single software product that fits a broad range of industries. Without a need for expensive and complicated add-ons it can be perfectly tailored to specific needs only through configuration.

Success Stories

Learn why customers decided to use Xavo Professional Suite and read about their business success.


Xavo Professional Suite and some of its components are supported through funded projects by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.