Features Overview

Xavo Professional Suite is packed with a lot of features. This page shows a popular selection.



  • Enhances manufacturing transparency by providing thereal-time status of orders, operations or steps
  • Advanced visualization tools through interactive GANTT chart, allows users to intuitively work with the plan
  • Delivers an accurate production forecast for the current and upcoming shifts and workdays
  • Enable the dispatching, sequencing and routing of production orders within and in between production areas and cells and enables to react faster to unforeseen deviations from the plan
  • Detects future conflicts early and makes solution proposals to prevent them, thus increasing productivity
  • Highlights shelf life issues to the planner and prioritizes production
  • Reduces changeover and cleaning times through optimized production sequences
  • Optimizes work-in-progress (WIP) and ‘delivery to promise’ through real time material declarations and integrated updates of the plan


  • Provides configurable workflows to effectively manage all relevant processes around planning, scheduling and manufacturing
  • The full power and flexibility of this tool is maintained and ensured through its configuration capabilities
  • Workflows can be used to guide different users or user groups (like e.g. operators or shift supervisors) and help them getting their job done
  • Workflows enable an effective collaboration between different domains, even across system borders (e.g. between maintenance and manufacturing management)
  • Workflows provide Electronic Work Instructions (EWI) to supply timely and precise support to the daily work of the operators
  • Workflows support operators in logging quality-relevant operations or steps, helping them to do exactly the right things at the right time
  • Electronic work instructions can be used to support serialization functionality by providing support for different kind of input devices, like e.g. barcode or RFID readers



  • Enhance inventory transparency by providing the real-time production and inventory status for all material types
  • Delivers an accurate inventory forecast for the current and upcoming shifts and workdays
  • Online view of material inventory supports cooperation between production and warehouse and provides a high level of transparency at each production stage
  • Automatically fulfil material requests from running production orders to avoid production downtimes due to missing material
  • Detect future Storage Cell conflicts early and makes solution proposals to prevent them
  • Helps managing rework in an effective way
  • Embedded tracking and tracing of material lots creates a full genealogy – from raw materials up to packed products
  • Enables tracking of production waste, thus helping to increase efficiency in production


  • Enhances Work-in-Progress transparencyfor all operations and steps
  • Automatically fulfill material requests from running production operations to avoid interruptions due to missing material
  • Delivers an accurate material forecast for the current and upcoming workdays
  • Reads and generates lot ID’s or serialization numbers and creates a full Genealogy for each operation and the complete assembly
  • Tracks all production steps, being it either manual steps or automatic operations, and makes them available for further analysis and optimization
  • Logs all defects (e.g. parts, assemblies) and helps managing defects in an effective way
  • Enables tracking of waste or defect parts, thus helping to increase efficiency in manufacturing

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