Premium User Experience

Xavo Professional Suite is designed from ground up with our users in mind. Our simple yet sophisticated web frontend provides both mobile and desktop experience in a reactive manner. This creates additional value by reducing the effort on new user trainings and the demand of user support.

User interface standards

Every single screen of Xavo Professional Suite is crafted using the Material Design Standard created and maintained by Google. Many popular apps are designed based on this design scheme, so many users are familiar with its principles.

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Material Design

A comprehensive Standard for designing user experiences for desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Design Principles

Xavo Professional Suite is consequently crafted according to design principles - mostly the same as in the Material Design Guideline.


Customizable User interface

Every user is only presented with the functionality needed for his own tasks, as configured in the user management section.

Brewing Admin User Management 7.png

Every user has a role

Not only for security reasons - based on user roles the functionality shown in Xavo Professional Suite is reduced only to the things needed for the work.

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Not everything in XPS is personalizable as this would lead to confusion and make support harder. But for example the launch pad of XPS can be personlized to make it more comfortable for the individual user.


customer specific views

For a perfectly tailored solution specific views can be integrated to achieve best efficiency in user workflows.

XPS Recreation Screenshot.png

Whatever additional functionality or user flow is needed, thanks to Xavo Professional Suite's modern architecture every kind of extension is possible. For business logic on the backend as well as for custom user interfaces on the frontend.