Johnson Matthey | MES

Business case

Johnson Matthey Catalysts operate complex production processes with many different products, recipes and interweaved process steps. For regulatory compliance and product safety reasons, the whole production process with a huge number of process parameters must be tracked, as Johnson Matthey is a supplier to the automotive industries. Furthermore, for continuous improvement processes a lot of data is required to be recorded and analysed.

Xavo solution

Xavo Software supports end-to-end production. The complete history of every produced part is tracked. The shop floor is deeply integrated with interactive communication between equipment, the coordinating software system and staff for process recording, production validation and tracking. The recorded process parameters are automatically checked against flexible rules.


The status and the progress of production and individual production operations is accessible and transparent. Production and stock forecasts can be made with a higher accuracy. Process optimizations can easily be verified by comparing the recorded data against the same set of data of a previous production process, and a constantly high product quality is assured by a number of automated quality checks.