Other Industries | Smart Entry Control

Business case

Based on the law for the protection of the youth, amusement arcade owners are legally required to check if guests are registered on either a local or a regional restricted list and if all the guests are above the legal minimum age. Using either a passport, an ID card or a loyalty card, Smart Entry Control (SEC) automatically checks if the customer has reached the legal minimum age, and is not listed on any restriction list of the state or the owner of the amusement hall.

Xavo solution

By means of a document and card reader (DESKO PENTA Scanner), Smart Entry Control (SEC) checks all required lock outs, using governmental databases and local restriction lists, to grant access for customers. All determined data are compared against the required data sources, and stored in an anonymized journal database.


To conduct all required control tasks, customers of amusement halls just need to scan their ID card. All legally required checks are then automatically performed by SEC. This allows for a much faster and more efficient access control, and requires less personnel. The next stage of extension is going to be a fully automated access control procedure based on biometric identification.