Novartis | Extended Logistics Platform

Business case

Originally, Compound Managers, High Throughput Screeners and Operators from Novartis Institutes for BioMedialResearch in Basel and Cambridge exchanged information about the storage location and process information of plates and screens via Emails and Excel Sheets. In the course of processing, multiple versions of the Excel Sheets were generated and the overview about the location and usage of compound plates was lost.

Xavo solution

Xavo designed an innovative logistics platform which fulfils both the requirements of scientists and IT people. This so-called Novartis ELP (Extended Logistics Platform) solution was built on the basis of the Xavo Lab Logistics product. In ELP, Compound Managers, Screeners and Operators located in Basel and Cambridge (approx. 80 users) have access to the location and process information about compound and assay plates used in High Throughput screens.


Every location change of a plate and every usage of a compound source plate and assay plate is documented within ELP. ELP became the single source of truth for all users. With most of the plate stores (35+) and screening platforms (10+) located in Basel and Cambridge, automated interfaces ensure that information shown in ELP is kept up to date. Annually the system manages about 50 orders and 25000 plates.