Roche | OnStore

Business case

The Cytomat 10 from Thermo is an incubator that is used to store micro titer plates with cultivated cells temporarily. The store is used as a pickup store, where plates are introduced automatically by a robotic platform and through its door, the user can unload the plates manually. As the store provides barcodes and position information of the plates only, the user has to know which of the (up to 210) plates belong to the same request to execute the unload.

Xavo solution

In OnStore, information about the relationship between orders and plates is managed, so that its wizard can guide the user to unload the plates efficiently. With its touch-enabled user interface and the information provided, it visualizes the temperature, CO2 and N2 concentrations over time, sends alarms per mail in case of issues (level without tolerances) and allows managing the store.


With OnStore, the users have an immediate overview of the temperature, CO2 and N2 trends, see the latest errors, are able to unload plates with a few clicks and are able to manage the store with a modern user interface. It increased the efficiency and improved the quality of the pickup station.