Business case

Goal of this project was the replacement of an existing Excel-based solution for a specification management with a sophisticated IT system. The complexity as well as diversity of products turned previous MOs (using Excel Sheets with file sizes beyond 20 MB) out to be increasingly difficult.

Xavo solution

The first main-objective was porting the Excel-based solution to a database-driven IT system, thereby optimizing collaborative efforts in product development. Xavo emphasized the implementation of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). A decision that turned out to be crucial for the immense success of this solution, as only the RCP with its concept of Perspectives and Views was able to provide such a complex system for highly diverse target audiences.


Today over 300 users in Europe have access to a user-friendly and reliable IT System for their work in product development and compliance management. It helps employees complying with demands regarding regulations during all development stages, providing assistance with calculation of REACH-Relevance and the reporting for designated authorities.