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Tobacco industry

Tobacco producers are facing the necessity to further lower the costs for production, where on the same side regulations and the need for quality assurance is raising. This becomes even more challenging in markets with quickly changing customer demands. Xavo Professional Suite supports in streamlining and optimizing production and quality control processes.



Our tobacco customers need to differentiate their offering with innovative products and package formats meeting exactly the demand of their consumers. This actually leads to a huge variety of different SKU’s which need to be efficiently produced, controlled, packed and shipped. Xavo Professional Suite comes with many planning and execution features helping to keep track of complex production plans and flexibly react to unforeseen events or changes of the plan.


To tobacco companies, a loss of efficiency always means an increase of production costs per SKU. This often is one of the main areas of improvement. Xavo Professional Suite helps eliminating inefficiencies in your operations. For example, an optimized production plan can reduce changeover times due to an optimized production sequence by still maintaining the delivery capabilities, or the raw material inventory can be optimized based on real time material consumption data.


Supporting different kind of user groups – like operators or shift supervisors – is key in realizing optimizations. Optimization can only be achieved when all team members exactly know what to do how and when, and the necessary information is provided in real time. Xavo Professional Suite provides configurable workflows, allowing all users to get heir job done in the best possible way. Even TPD or FCTC-like regulation processes can be supported using dedicated workflows, thus massively improving process and product quality and traceability.


To all tobacco companies applies: the broader the product portfolio and the more complex production operations become, the more important it is to exactly know what’s happening and why it happened. Xavo Professional Suite gives you access to all relevant information at all stages of your process – from production planning through batch execution, filling and wrapping up to production declaration. Those are the tools you need to take decisions on what and how to optimize – from both product and production perspective.


Tobacco Primary  

The primary tobacco processing area ensures that the make/pack equipment is at any time supplied with cut tobacco in the desired quantity and with the expected quality to ensure the highest product standards and a perfect product quality to be maintained for a huge number of different consumer products.

Obviously, this means dealing with blend management, material quality and processing parameters on each and every processing step, from raw materials through intermediate products up to the final cut tobacco. Furthermore, timing plays an important role to deliver the necessary intermediate product (e.g. Casing/Flavour, Stems, Expanded Tobacco) to the mainstream as well as the right cut tobacco to the correct making equipment.

Xavo Professional Suite helps tobacco companies with dedicated functionality:

  • Production Requests form the link between the ERP factory plan and the individual production cells. Production requests of the factory are transformed into daily / shift plans for the involved production cells. During execution, production progress and material consumptions are continuously recorded and reported back to ERP
  • Plan Production Activities to develop optimal plans for the production cells
  • More transparency in production through checks for conflicts between plan and execution of production, storages and consumptions
  • Manage inventories to enables the efficient planning and execution of inventory operations in real-time

Tobacco Secondary

In the make/pack area of tobacco companies, everything deals with complexity and flexibility. Materials need to be flexibly provided to different making equipment at the right time in the correct quantity. These activities require a careful and sophisticated planning and scheduling to achieve the best possible fulfilment rate combined with low stocks of intermediate materials.  Furthermore, all those activities, processes and materials need to be tracked, and – in some cases – need to comply with special regulations to ensure the product safety.

Xavo Professional Suite helps cigarette producers with dedicated functionality:

  • Creates a production plan based on the real demands for each SKU, and creation of a detailed production schedule based on that plan
  • Provides different algorithms to further optimize the production schedule, e.g. by minimizing change-over sequences, minimize number of shifts or to reduce energy consumption
  • Orchestrates and integrates all necessary production equipment, materials, personnel and other resources
  • Provides a change-over support for changing production orders at an equipment and ensures that all necessary data is correctly sent/received
  • Provides re-scheduling mechanisms whenever deviations from the plan are detected. Orders can be re-scheduled or re-assigned to different equipment e.g. whenever a longer unplanned maintenance is necessary
  • Tracking and tracing of SKU’s or ingredients is enabled

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