The history of the XPS acronym

Xavo was founded as an integration service provider. Soon in the early years of the company a vision came up to create a software product and sell it. The very first idea we had was to create a product for corporate intranets called XavoBusiness (XB). We did not sell a license but we used it internally for nearly ten years.

The next thing we came up with was Xavo Manufacturing Container (XMC). It was a set of reusable components we used to create MES solutions for our customers. We used it for several projects to create customer solutions but did not sell it with a license model.

Some years later we created two software products for very different customers: the first one was Xavo Plant Scheduling (XPS) targeting at our production customers. The second one was Xavo Lab Logistics (XLL) which started as a sample logistics management system for life science laboratories. 

In 2016 we found us designing features for both products that could create value for either audience. In consequence we decided to completely redesign and re-engineer both systems into one single system: Xavo Professional Suite.

We wanted to keep the acronym "XPS" because many of our team members and also our customers got used to it in their everyday speaking. And from now we promise to never change that name again...