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Starter Pack

Get your Sample Management Lab Up and Running in Days instead of Weeks or even Months

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When Time-to-Value is all that matters

Your team is on a quest to find new entities and change the world for a better while time is of the essence. With Xavo R3 Starter Pack you can help them get there faster.

Manage Sample Inventory

▪ Keep an accurate digital representation of your inventory of physical samples 
▪ Ensure that samples are reliably identified with quick barcode scanning
▪ Keep an accurate sample history and track any changes to containers or samples

Manage Stores & Freezers

▪ Always know what is where and instantly locate samples reliably at all times
▪ Keep an audit trail by reliably logging container movements together with all pertaining data
▪ Display available storage capacity in an intuitive drill down, optimizing operations
▪ Manage your available inventory more efficiently with configurable thresholds
▪ Ensure data integrity with configurable restrictions for container movements

Track Sample Transfers

▪ Support your users in transferring neat and liquid compounds across containers
▪ Keep an accurate sample history to support later auditing
▪ Provide an easy-to-use lineage function that allows navigating transfer chains
▪ Support solvations of neat material by calculating required solvent volumes or final concentrations

State-of-the-art technology
to get the Sample
Management job done

Cloud-native platform with containerized applications, Kubernetes-orchestrated and hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a single tenant deployment.

Multi-user system that optionally integrates with your Single Sign On provider.

Multi-tier, distributed architecture allowing for elastic (horizontal & vertical) scaling.

Ready-to-integrate with systems & equipment via IoT agents and UI.

Benefits Summary


Time to value: you’ll be live in days, not weeks. No IT project required.


Pre-configured integrations for lab instruments and systems.


Easy inventory up- and download to collaborate with your CROs.

Ready to see it in action?