Xavo has reimagined how to address the strategic problem in the Biopharma R&D Sample Management realm which is to optimally fulfill changing demand for assays and materials based on available finite lab capacity and material inventory

Sample Management Solutions

Xavo R3 provides the right solution to address the Sample Management challenges in both, small and large Biopharma R&D organisations

Whether you are a small Biotech or a large Biopharma organization – with Xavo R3 you get the solution that fits your needs and gets your Sample Management job done in the best possible way. Xavo R3 is provided to you as Software-as-a-Service, i.e., you pay only for the functionality and scale that you require. Changing it later is always possible – so you can start small and scale the solution over time, keeping all your data and configurations.

Xavo R3 functional Highlights

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Xavo R3 provides rich out-of-the-box functionality for the management of sample inventories, supporting both, manual and automated stores.

End-to-end support for fulfillment workflows

Xavo helps to significantly increase the productivity in  sample management laboratories by dynamically managing and optimizing lab workflows. 

Integrated Sample Requesting and Fulfillment

Sample Requesting is what ties your sample supply chain to the Sample Management lab. With integrated Requesting and Fulfillment, R3 fosters the collaboration between scientists and scientific services.

Lab Operations Scheduling

The key to optimal lab operations is the scheduling of the work to be done and the assignment to capable and available resources – which Xavo R3 provides out-of-the-box.

Accessible from wherever you are

Due to its responsive screen design, Xavo R3 adapts to different display sizes and renders content optimally based on the available resolution.

As a cloud-based solution, Xavo R3 optimally supports distributed deployments
over multiple locations as well as stationary and mobile devices. To discuss with us what matters to you in Sample Management and to schedule a demo of how Xavo R3 can you support you, please contact us.