Solutions for Manufacturing Performance

Promexx supports streamlining and optimizing production and quality control processes

Gain Visibility

Our customers in the Process Industries need to differentiate their offering with innovative products and package formats meeting exactly the demand of their consumers. This actually leads to a huge variety of different SKU’s which need to be efficiently produced, controlled, packed and shipped.

Our solutions based on the promexx software platform come with many planning and execution features helping to keep track of complex production plans and flexibly react to unforeseen events or changes of the plan. Additionally, the inventory of all materials as well as material properties and the corresponding Bill of Materials can be efficiently managed throughout the entire lifecycle.

Utilize the Full Potential of Resources

In manufacturing a loss of efficiency always means an increase of production costs per SKU. Due to partially low margins per SKU, this often is one of the main areas of improvement.

Our solutions help eliminating inefficiencies. For example, an optimized production plan can reduce changeover times due to an improved production sequence by still maintaining the delivery capabilities. Stock can be efficiently managed, and stock levels for different materials can be planned and optimized. Even shifts and the utilization of human resources can be optimized in various aspects.

Run Resilient Processes

Supporting different kind of user groups – like operators or shift supervisors – is key in realizing optimizations. Optimization can only be achieved when all team members exactly know what to do how and when, and the necessary information is provided in real time.

Our promexx-based solutions for the FMCG Industries can provide customizable workflows, allowing all users to get their job done in the best possible way. Even HACCAP-like control systems can be implemented using dedicated workflows, thus massively improving process and product quality. In this way, the collaboration between operators or shifts, as well as the interaction between personnel and machines can be improved and optimized.

Improve Decision Making Through Transparency

To all FMCG companies applies: the broader the product portfolio and the more complex production operations become, the more important it is to exactly know what’s happening and why it happened.

Promexx solutions give access to all relevant information at all stages of the process – from production planning through batch execution, filling and packaging up to production declaration. Relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are calcualted online and  – together with other important process information – exposed to the different user groups. Those are the tools needed to take decisions on what and how to optimize – from both product and production perspective.