Managed Sample Inventory

Samples and their management are the backbone for the whole R&D chain. With this being said, an inventory needs to provide more than just a set of properties but the capability to support operations, track all changes and always provide the required contextual data as efficient as possible.


Configurable Storage Structures

Design your laboratory and the store hierarchies quickly and as unique as your lab. Optional barcodes on specific layers or storage entities allows to quickly load / unload items and see the content, no matter if you’re on your desktop pc, tablet or mobile device.

​Container Type validation

Define your own container types and how they are connected to each other. Only allow a specific kind of tube in a specific kind of rack? One storage level that is designated to only support hazard material? Our system will then provide users with the proper validation on runtime.


Comprehensive Audit Trail

Every change to the inventory is being tracked with the user, timestamp, before and after status, so you are always informed what has changed and why.

Intuitive Inventory Search

Our intuitive inventory search enables you and your team to easily identify the samples you are interested in. Collaborate with your team by building, saving, and sharing your queries for real time inventory report creation.


Guided Reception processes

Receiving new material in containers does not have to be a long list of input fields. We can connect to any existing APIs from you or third party to lookup the content of a new barcode on runtime. Do you have any downstream rules, like when to solubilize material or how to store it in which kind of container? Dynamic business rules can be setup to guide operators to the next steps and provide them instructions specific to your process.

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