Enterprise Package

Our most comprehensive Sample Management offering, including low-code configurable workflows, business logic and integrations.


Optimization leads to
higher performance.

Every sample management lab possesses its own distinct characteristics, yet they all grapple with a common challenge: efficiently delivering samples for multiple projects simultaneously. Over time, these labs have developed diverse strategies to prevent themselves from becoming bottlenecks in the R&D value chain. Our platform will put every strategy into consistent reproducible and efficient processes.


Configured with accurate equipment digital twin

With a digital representation of every lab equipment, especially the ones used in automation like liquid handlers or automated stored, we are prepared to give tailored instructions. Monitoring included.

Supporting customer business processes

Runtime-Configurable business rules allow to setup your own structures during labeling of containers, managing specific liquid handling logics or provide additional rules when connected to external systems like LIMS, ELNs or Request systems


Integration with lab devices (Scanners, Printers)

The platform is hosted in the cloud - but your printers or scanners are in a physical lab network. The solution - our interoperability layer, which allows us to connect to any device in your lab.

Integration with lab automation (Liquid Handlers, Automated Stores, Robot Platforms, Autonomous Robots)

Thanks to our integration layer, we can connect to all automation platforms and equipment out there. Tailored to every equipment, we can provide instructions or trigger the integration from within the application. See your samples being unloaded tailored for an order and the liquid handler being instructed with the knowledge of locations of their locations without the need of any manual intervention.


Available in days to weeks

With our out-of-the-box features, we can get your environment ready in a matter of a few days only. Being cloud-based, you will receive a URL and can get started right away.

Data migration and integration tests have been proven to be done in a few weeks only - don't expect a months or years project.

Scheduling AI, learning decision patterns

How many orders do you have? What equipment will be utilized and for how long?

Based on trained neural networks, we will estimate the occupation and the best allocation for you, so you can make most of the days plan and know when it's time to finally call it a day.  


Supporting Single-Sign-On

Don't worry, this won't be the next password you have to remember. With Single-Sign-On support, we can connect to your authentication provider and all you need is to press a button to gain access.

State-of-the-art technology to get the Sample Management job done


Cloud-native platform with containerized applications, Kubernetes-orchestrated and hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a single tenant deployment.

Multi User

Multi-user system that optionally integrates with your Single Sign On provider.

Multi Tier

Multi-tier, distributed architecture allowing for elastic (horizontal & vertical) scaling.


Ready-to-integrate with systems & equipment via IoT agents and UI.

Benefits Summary


Most comprehensive set of Sample Management features to meet highest needs


Reduced implementation risk: engagement approach that ensures all requirements are captured for a highly efficient implementation leveraging the low-code configurability of Xavo R3


Time to value: standard artifacts and pre-configured components ensure a speedy implementation

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