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Speeding up Sample Management helps bring products to market faster

More assays done faster means to deliver more samples to promise each day. More assays done smarter means having to deliver them in more formats more dynamically. That’s what Xavo R3 is all about.

Core Package

  • Checkmark Meet your new sample management system
  • Checkmark Available in a few days
  • Checkmark Configured to your storage models and inventory data
  • Checkmark Supports maintaining inventory
  • Checkmark Integration with lab devices (Scanners, Printers)
  • Checkmark Comprehensive history and transfer traceability
  • Checkmark Supporting Single-Sign-On

Enterprise Pack

  • Checkmark Configured with accurate equipment digital twin
  • Checkmark Supporting customer business processes including 
  • Checkmark Integration with lab devices (Scanners, Printers)
  • Checkmark Integration with lab automation (Liquid Handlers, Automated Stores, Robot Platforms, Autonomous Robots )
  • Checkmark Available in days to weeks
  • Checkmark Scheduling AI, learning decision patterns
  • Checkmark Supporting Single-Sign-On

Copilot Standalone

  • Checkmark Calculating and guiding lab workflows to manage your samples
  • Checkmark Deliver your samples with optimized workflows, configured to your needs
  • Checkmark Take control of your samples and processes
  • Checkmark Your processes delivered on an off the shelf product platform
  • Checkmark Optimizing lab work and sample tracking​​
  • Checkmark Improving throughput and cycle times
  • Checkmark Streamlined lab operations

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