Your Lab – Your Rules

It may sound too good to be true when applied to an off-the-shelf product, but it’s real. Xavo R3 supports all lab processes out of the box and allows you to model your specific rules through a highly configurable business rules engine. 


Seamless Equipment Integration and Workflow Automation

With Xavo R3, all your equipment information is integrated into our system, simplifying the workflow preparation. Whether it's creating a plate with multi-line serializations, handling right-to-left or top-down operations, or managing any previously unsupported tasks, our system generates instructions for your devices on the fly, eliminating the need for contacting support or writing new methods or workflows.

Automated Stores Integrations

Workflow automation applies to automated stores as well. Xavo R3 can trigger the provisioning of your samples, supporting labeling and other steps along the chain as well as auditing. Whether you need custom labels, on-the-fly barcoding or pre-barcoding deliverables our system handles all scenarios and guides the operator in following best practices. 


Path Finding through Your Lab’s Configuration

Our Pathfinder algorithm evaluates your available equipment, the stock samples in your inventory, and the required deliverable format. It then systematically determines the optimal path through your lab following your business logic to fulfill orders efficiently and effortlessly. 

Guided Operations 

Our intuitive UI guides the operator through each operation with clear instructions to ensure the proper execution of the workflows and the tasks at hand. 


AI Driven Resource Scheduling

Our AI-driven scheduling solution is designed to enhance your lab’s throughput using your existing resources, generating a plan to help you complete more orders within the same timeframe and adapting to the changing landscape of your lab.

Ready to see it in action?