Streamlined Order Creation and Fulfillment

Fulfilling orders has never been easier. We support the picking of your source materials from both automated and manual stores or freezers. Barcodes are validated throughout the process to ensure you always have the correct containers on hand.


Effortless Material Ordering

Easily order materials in any format you need – on plates, in tubes or vials, as mixtures or in serializations. Our system allows for customizable plate distributions as innovative as science itself, simplifying the request process.

Providing the best source samples

With the sole input of the material you’re interested in, we can identify the best potential source samples for your order, provide alternative proposals or just start off with a previously executed inventory query.


Fast Layout Creation

Designing a layout is quick and easy. Utilize our draw and copy features to create plate layouts faster than ever before. Need controls, references, solvent wells, or complex non-linear dilution series? We’ve got you covered. These layouts can be saved and reused, saving time and effort.

Seamless shipping workflows

Easily ship existing sources with full integration to your automated stores.


Ready to see it in action?