Copilot Standalone

Enhance your lab‘s throughput using your existing systems and resources


The AI-powered Copilot Solution for Your Lab

Every lab comes with its own requirements and challenges, solved by their own software tooling. We understand that there is always a larger solution landscape and fit in it being highly configurable. Improve your current solutions by adding the unique value of our platform - unlocking all capabilities of your existing resources.  


Calculating and guiding lab workflows to manage your samples

Designing workflows is nice, but with the amount of formats ordered and equipment available, you either end up with a long list of workflows to choose from or with isolated processes that someone needs to stitch together.

With our Pathfinder module, we dynamically generate the best workflow for you to run, reducing risk of errors substantially.

Improving the existing landscape 

No software is all by itself in this market - that's why we offer an integration layer that allows to read from and write into external systems - APIs required - to provide them with the calculations that make Xavo a great platform to use.  


Resource scheduling for external systems

Do you see bottlenecks blocking your throughput? Do you have unused equipment times? With our scheduling component, we can provide insights on what to improve while being connected to an external system to execute these runs.

Copilot Summary


The AI acquires an understanding of your operators’ decisions in their daily tasks and adapts to these insights for future interactions.


The AI seamlessly adapts to the changing landscape of your lab, such as introducing new capabilities and equipment.


The AI generates a plan to help you complete more orders within the same timeframe.

Ready to see it in action?