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Our most comprehensive Sample Management offering, including low-code configurable workflows, business logic and integrations.

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Optimization leads to
higher performance.

Distributed R&D teams require support from multiple Sample Management labs that are optimized in the way they manage inventories and orders and flexible in the way they use equipment and other systems.

▪ Keeping an accurate digital representation of the inventory of physical samples (What do I have?)
▪ Ensuring that samples can be reliably identified (barcodes, scanners)
▪ Keeping an accurate sample location history

▪ Knowing what is where; being able to locate samples reliably at all times
▪ Keeping an audit trail; reliably log all Load-In and Load-Out operations
▪ Optimal usage

▪ Track orders based on available inventory in desired format
▪ View and prioritize orders that need to be fulfilled by the lab
▪ Provide information to the operator to execute an order and link the new inventory
created to it

▪ Support the user transferring, both, neat and liquid compound across containers
▪ Keeping an accurate Sample History and Lineage – knowing what was when and where and what went into what – to support later auditing

▪ Provide calculated process instructions to operators and devices to execute orders
in an automated way
▪ Track current progress of order execution

▪ Ensure optimal utilization of lab resources based on resource availability and capability
▪ Track and manage workload on available resources, for both, personnel and equipment

State-of-the-art technology
to get the Sample
Management job done

Cloud-native platform with containerized applications, Kubernetes-orchestrated and hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a single tenant deployment.

Multi-user system that optionally integrates with your Single Sign On provider.

Multi-tier, distributed architecture allowing for elastic (horizontal & vertical) scaling.

Ready-to-integrate with systems & equipment via IoT agents and UI.

Benefits Summary

Most comprehensive set of Sample Management features to meet highest needs
Reduced implementation risk: engagement approach that ensures all requirements are captured for a highly efficient implementation leveraging the low-code configurability of Xavo R3
Time to value: standard artifacts and pre-configured components ensure a speedy implementation

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