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Enhance your lab‘s throughput using your existing resources

The AI-powered Copilot Solution for Your Lab

Every sample management lab possesses its own distinct characteristics, yet they all grapple with a common challenge: efficiently delivering samples for multiple projects simultaneously. Over time, these labs have developed diverse strategies to prevent themselves from becoming bottlenecks in the R&D value chain. Our AI-powered scheduling solution is designed to enhance your lab‘s throughput using your existing resources.

Calculated process instruction

Depending on the given input, the Copilot schedules runs on available lab devices for you. In some cases, if you only have one high-level deliverable request, the Pathfinder component can even parse this into the expected device chains that you need to execute and the Copilot schedules to deliver the expected outcome. If required, this pre-parsing of the deliverable into the device sequence can be applied to support the recommended path while keeping the execution and inventory responsibility in your solution.

AI-powered resource scheduling

Do you want to know how your utilization will look like and to make most of the equipment you got? The AI Copilot uses Machine Learning (ML) and a digital model of your lab to provide utilization recommendations for the orders you receive and tasks you have to execute. Based on your decisions, it will learn patterns and even better estimate your runtimes as you use the system.

Dynamic workflow generation

Gone are the days you need to calculate every transfer and to model every workflow manually to achieve your target containers. Let your Copilot do all of that for you when he has been proven in productive use. Get more walk-away time and less user errors, or still overwrite the recommendation and choose another path – the choice is yours, and the Copilot will learn from it.

Unlimited integrations

The Copilot comes pre-packaged with state-of-the-art integration APIs, allowing it to be integrated in existing landscapes easily. If mapping becomes an issue, we can also configure additional specific APIs that do the mapping for you. The same goes for the connection of the Copilot back to your existing solutions – we can push the results to existing endpoints using a configurable middle-layer.

Copilot Summary


The AI acquires an understanding of your operators’ decisions in their daily tasks and adapts to these insights for future interactions.


The AI seamlessly adapts to the changing landscape of your lab, such as introducing new capabilities and equipment.


The AI generates a plan to help you complete more orders within the same timeframe.

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