Starter Package

Get your Sample Management Lab Up and Running in Days instead of Weeks or even Months


When Time-to-Value is all that matters

Your team is on a quest to find new entities and change the world for a better while time is of the essence. With Xavo R3 Starter Pack you can help them get there faster.

Available in a few days

With our out-of-the-box features, we can get your environment ready in a matter of a few days only. Being cloud-based, you will receive a URL and can get started right away!


Configured to your storage models and inventory data

Container types and storages are configured on runtime and can be modelled to a high level of flexibility. Connections like what fits in where and the resulting capacity can be used for validation to make sure the data is consistent.

Supports maintaining inventory

Transfering neat or liquid? Updating the locations of tubes on racks? Auditing containers on balances or volume measurement devices? We provide a comprehensive feature set to make sure all operations are available and tracked.


Integration with lab devices (Scanners, Printers)

The platform is hosted in the cloud - but your printers or scanners are in a physical lab network. The solution - our interoperability layer, which allows us to connect to any device in your lab.

Comprehensive history and transfer traceability

Every operation on samples is tracked in a comprehensive, searchable history. If you however need to navigate quickly across parent/child containers, a specialized lineage display will help you identifying connections in no time.


Supporting Single-Sign-On

Don't worry, this won't be the next password you have to remember. With Single-Sign-On support, we can connect to your authentication provider and all you need is to press a button to gain access.

State-of-the-art technology to get the Sample Management job done


Cloud-native platform with containerized applications, Kubernetes-orchestrated and hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a single tenant deployment.

Multi User

Multi-user system that optionally integrates with your Single Sign On provider.

Multi Tier

Multi-tier, distributed architecture allowing for elastic (horizontal & vertical) scaling.


Ready-to-integrate with systems & equipment via IoT agents and UI.

Benefits Summary


Time to value: you’ll be live in days, not weeks. No IT project required.


Pre-configured integrations for lab instruments and systems.


Easy inventory up- and download to collaborate with your CROs.

Ready to see it in action?