SLAS 2024 Recap

Xavo wants to thank everybody for the great participation and interest in our Xavo R3 product! If you missed it, use the opportunity to reach out to us directly and we are happy to provide you a demonstration of our product.

Xavo would like to thank all visitors for a highly successful SLAS2024

Xavo, a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service for Biopharma R&D with offices in Boston, MA, Bayreuth, Germany and Basel, Switzerland, is thankful for a highly successful SLAS2024 International Conference and Exhibition in Boston.

As part of Xavo’s mission to accelerate the Biopharma R&D value chain, Xavo is continuously enabling Sample Management in Biopharma R&D by addressing the strategic problem of optimally fulfilling demand in the form of material requests based on available finite lab capacity and material inventory. Xavo R3 helps Sample Management groups to consistently deliver the right material in the right format to the right recipient in the right quality to promise on time every time by providing the best combination of functional and non-functional means.

At the 2024 SLAS exhibition, Xavo for the first time demonstrated the AI-assisted Copilot solution to emphasize that it has developed new ways to address latest trends and challenges in the Sample Management realm. Xavo has reimagined how Sample Management Software can actively assist scientific service providers to get their important job done optimally by providing the best combination of functional and non-functional means through its Software-as-a-Service, ‘Xavo R3’.

If you want to learn more about our latest developments in sample management, just use the "Get a demo" function of our website, and we'll talk to you soon.

See you soon at a conference near you!



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