The Smart Copilot for your Lab Operations

Deliver your samples with optimized workflows,
configured to your needs.


Boosting Throughput with
Next-gen Algorithms and AI

We revolutionize the way laboratories tackle the dynamic challenges of sample management and lab operations. Xavo can adapt to evolving needs effortlessly with extendable business rules . Our cutting-edge SaaS solution harnesses the power of algorithmic intelligence to make optimal use of your lab infrastructure. Xavo prioritizes material use, throughput, cycle time, and resource efficiency. Machine learning algorithms ensure meticulous scheduling for streamlined workflows.

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Meet the Most Capable Cloud-native Lab Operations Platform

for Sample Management

Managed Sample Inventory

Samples and their management are the backbone of the whole R&D chain. With Xavo, your inventory provides more than just a set of properties. It supports operations, tracks all changes and always provides the required contextual data.


Streamlined Order Management

Fulfilling orders has never been easier. Xavo supports the picking of source materials from both automated and manual stores or freezers. Barcodes are validated throughout the process to ensure you always have the correct containers on hand.


Optimized Lab Processes​

Having a highly configurable business rule engine, Xavo can support all kinds of lab processes out of the box and enables your specific rules to all steps along your daily work. 


Big Things Start Small​

Xavo R3 is the most scalable cloud-native Sample Management SaaS solution in the market:

Start with the essentials first and then scale up seamlessly later!

Starter Package

  • Checkmark Your cost-efficient entry into sample management
  • Checkmark Available in a few days
  • Checkmark Configured to your storage models and inventory data
  • Checkmark Supports maintaining inventory
  • Checkmark Integration with lab devices (Scanners, Printers)
  • Checkmark Comprehensive history and transfer traceability
  • Checkmark Supporting Single-Sign-On

Enterprise Package

  • Checkmark Configured with equipment-accurate digital twin
  • Checkmark Supporting customer business processes
  • Checkmark Integration with lab devices (Scanners, Printers)
  • Checkmark Integration with lab automation (Liquid Handlers, Automated Stores, Robot Platforms, Autonomous Robots )
  • Checkmark Available in days to weeks
  • Checkmark Scheduling AI, learning decision patterns
  • Checkmark Supporting Single-Sign-On

Copilot Standalone

  • Checkmark Calculating and guiding lab workflows to manage your samples
  • Checkmark Deliver your samples with optimized workflows, configured to your needs
  • Checkmark Take control of your samples and processes
  • Checkmark Your processes delivered on an off the shelf product platform
  • Checkmark Optimizing lab work and sample tracking
  • Checkmark Improving throughput and cycle times
  • Checkmark Streamlined lab operations

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